lawn care & maintenance deerfield beach care & maintenance likes to put a face on the label, so when you arrive home. Your lawn care technician will introduce you personally. With your lawn, we want you to know who you trust and we enjoy talking to our customers.

Forget all of your lawn care requires the stress and worry of this season. Spend time doing your favorite things. Relax and don’t focus on it, but enjoy the space outside.

Improve the overall quality of your lawn with our wide range of lawn services. Sort your soil with a core aeration or oversightly promote new growth–you’ll love your lawn for it. Core Aeration,3-in-1 Seed & Feed, Inspection, Slitseeding, Organic Topdressing, Lawn Renovation. We are a privately-owned, trustworthy group committed to providing customized, professional property maintenance service to meet our community needs.

We are a property maintenance company offering a variety of quality products to help homeowners. Or business owners who have no time and/or ability to keep their property. We also deliver three-season services (Spring / Summer / Fall).

lawn care & maintenance deerfield beach

Throughout our industry, we are specialized throughout creating custom maintenance packages from the wide range of services we provide to meet your needs.

After we have checked your house, we will give you a post-service email confirming the treatments or services provided. By your lawn care contractor, as well as listing any issues we have noticed on the lawn. It is almost certain that to keep a lawn in good condition, a sensible application of well-balanced fertilizer is needed.  At Grasshopper, we use the latest available materials to ensure efficient. And safe use at all times of the year, without resorting to excessive nitrogen use. Moss thrives in rain, poor areas of habitat, waterlogging, compaction, and very near mowing. Effective control requires a combination of mechanical and chemical applications.  Our very important winter treatment is aimed at controlling moss directly.

Perennials have been cut back for the winter in the fall woods. When raking the entire lawn of residential and commercial property. And leaf and dust, all grounds are swept of litter and dead stuff.

Fine Cut Landscaping & Property Maintenance includes residential and commercial property maintenance for any round of the budget year.  No property is too big or too small.

We are proud to provide services to Cambridge and its surrounding areas.   Making sure you’re taking care of your lawn and landscaping is important. Our team is here to help you enjoy the summer.